Research is to see what everyone else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

 - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Koebel, K., & Pohler, D. (forthcoming) Expanding the Canada Workers Benefit to Design a Guaranteed Basic Income. Canadian Public Policy.

Budd, J., Colvin, A., & Pohler, D. (forthcoming) Advancing Dispute Resolution by Unpacking the Sources of Conflict: Toward an Integrated Framework. Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

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Pohler, D., & Willness, C. (2014). Balancing Interests in the Search for Occupational Legitimacy: The HR Professionalization Project in Canada. Human Resource Management, 53(3): 467-488

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Research and Publications

Opinion and Comments: Editorials and Blogs

Book Chapters and Invited Publications

Pohler, D. (2018) Collective bargaining. In Wilkinson, A., Dundon, T., Donaghey, J., & Colvin, A. (Eds). Routledge Companion to Employment Relations, pp. 235-250. Routledge: London and New York.

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Fulton, M. & Pohler, D. (2014) Co-operative Development in Rural and Aboriginal Communities. Saskatchewan Business Magazine, April/May.

Pohler, D. (2013) Labour Union Impacts on Organizations and Employees in Canada. Western Policy Analyst, 5(2): 7-8.


Pohler, D. (November 2017) Governance Challenges in Credit Unions: Insights and Recommendations. Filene Research Institute: Madison, WI.

Fulton, M., Fairbairn, B., & Pohler, D. (September 2017) Credit Unions in Canada: Design Principles for Greater Co-operation. Centre for the Study of Co-operatives: University of Saskatchewan.

Fulton, M., Pohler., D., Massie, M., Overlander, D., & Wu, H. (2016) Co-operative Innovation Project. Centre for the Study of Co-operatives: University of Saskatchewan.

Martens, B., Moormann, M., Pohler, D., Slimmon, B., & Stafford, R. (2002) Graduated Driver’s Licensing in Saskatchewan. Crown Investments Corporation Report: Government of Saskatchewan.

Book Reviews

Pohler, D. (2017) Book Review of Davis, G. The Vanishing American Corporation: Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy. Oakland: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 70(4):1057-1058.

Pohler, D. (2013) Book Review of V. Doellgast, Disintegrating Democracy at Work: The Future of Good Jobs in the Service Economy, Ithaca NY: Cornell ILR Press. Work and Occupations, 40(1): 67-69.

Case Studies and Teaching Resources

Kleefeld, J., & Pohler, D. (forthcoming) Internalizing cognitive bias: An experiential exercise for teaching and learning the anchoring effect. Brock Education Journal.

Pohler, D. (2016) Federated Co-operatives Limited: Change Management. Ivey Publishing.

Fairbairn, B., Fulton, M., & Pohler, D. (November 2015) Governance as a Determinant of Success and Failure: What Other Co-ops Can Learn from Co-op Atlantic. Centre for the Study of Co-operatives: University of Saskatchewan.

Pohler, D. (2013) Change Management at Federated Co-operatives Limited: A Saskatchewan Case Study. Video Teaching Case.

Pohler, D. (2012) The Merit of a Points-Based Merit System at the Edwards School of Business. Ivey Publishing.

Pohler, D. (2011) Creating a High Engagement Culture at Aeroplan. Effectif, September/October, 14(4): 45-46.


M. Vieta, P. Cabaj, C. Guillotte, J. Quarter, S. Ryan, J. Sumner, & D. Pohler. The Conversion to Co-operatives Project (Co-op Convert). ($200,000) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Development Grant, 2018-2021.

J. Schmidt, & D. Pohler. Do Employees Perceive HR to Help or Hurt? The Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Attributions about HR Systems. ($46,308) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant, 2014-2016.

Fulton, M. & Pohler, D. Co-operative Development in Rural and Aboriginal Communities in Western Canada: Co-operative Innovation Project ($1 million) Federated Co-operatives Limited, 2013-2016.

D. Pohler. Understanding Income Inequality Through a Political-Economic Model of Organizations ($6,000) University of Saskatchewan President’s SSHRC Research Fund, 2014-2015.

D. Pohler. Employee Participation in Organizations: Unions and High Involvement Human Resource Management Systems ($76,082) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Standard Research Grant, 2011-2014.

Grandey Leadership Scholar Research Grant ($40,000), Edwards School of Business, 2012-2014 

eMAP Media Teaching Resource Fund Grant: Change Management at Federated Co- operatives Limited: A Saskatchewan Case Study ($5,000), University of Saskatchewan, 2013.

Cold Fusion Infrastructure and Software Licensing for Online Experiments and Surveys ($4,000), Edwards School of Business, 2010.

Start-Up and Research Dissemination Grants ($18,250), Edwards School of Business and University of Saskatchewan, 2010-2011.


All research grants noted above have been administered through a university. With the exception of the independent contracts listed below, the only personal payments received from organizations outside my employing universities have been as direct reimbursement for actual research and travel costs related to invited presentations or specific projects where I maintain academic freedom over the content of the presentations and associated publications. I do not generally accept payment for invited presentations, and instead prefer that organizations make a charitable donation. On occasion, organizations present small gifts of appreciation for these presentations, normally valued at no more than $100. I make efforts to disclose all sources of research funding for specific projects on relevant publications.

Paid Contracts for Additional Duties Outside a University: Filene Research Institute: Research Fellowship, 2016-2018 ($12,000 USD); Canadian Credit Union Association: Review of Board Training Modules, 2018 ($1,500 CDN), 2019 ($3,375 CDN)

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  • Carolyn Johnson Memorial Spirit of Youth Award, Naicam, SK
  • Larry Swenson Memorial Spirit of Youth Award, Naicam, SK
  • National Winner, Canadian Principals Leadership Award
  • Royal Bank Leadership Award, Rosetown, SK
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