Truths can be complex, and complexity is articulated by its details. Anyone who refuses to hear the details is making a deliberate decision not to understand.

- Sarah Schulman, Conflict is Not Abuse


University of Toronto Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources - Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources

  • IRE 2001: Foundations and Current Issues in Industrial Relations/Human Resources
  • IRE 3650: Human Resources Planning and Strategy

University of Toronto, Woodsworth College - Employment Relations Major

  • IRE 240: Introduction to Employment Relations
  • IRE 346: Human Resources Planning and Strategy

Previously taught

University of Saskatchewan Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy:

  • JSGS 815: Strategic Human Resource Management: Legal and Policy Issues
  • JSGS 826: Human Resource Management in Healthcare (online)
  • JSGS 880: Advanced Governance Analysis
  • JSGS 882: Strategic Management in the Public Sector
  • JSGS 846: Co-operatives in the New Economy: Institutions, Governance, and Policy
  • JSGS 869: Select Topics in PhD Readings Course (Rational Economic Theories)

University of Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business:

  • MBA 813 & COMM 489: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • COMM 402: Management Skills for Strategy Implementation
  • COMM 211: Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • LMR: Labour-Management Relations Executive Education Certificate (Union Impact; Effective Communications; Negotiation; Decision-Making Bias)
  • EBAC 53: Special Topics in Executive Business Administration Certificate (Employee/Labor Relations; Strategic HR Management; Organizational Culture)

University of Alberta School of Business:

  • SMO 301: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
  • SMO 311: Introduction to Human Resource Management

Awards and nominations

  • University of Saskatchewan Provost’s Outstanding New Teacher Award, 2014
  • University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Award, 2012
  • University of Alberta Graduate Student Teaching Award, 2009


PhD Student Supervision and Committees

Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources:

Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy:

  • The Governance of Policy Implementation in the Disability Services Sector in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick, Victoria Taras (in progress)
  • The "Imbecile" Institution and the Limits of Public Engagement: Art Museums and Structural Barriers to Public Value Creation, Jen Budney (2018)

Masters Student Supervision and Committees (Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy)

Undgraduate Honours Theses Supervised (Edwards School of Business)

  • The Value of An Apology in Labour Arbitration Discipline and Discharge Cases, Mitchell Tainsh (2013)
  • A Comparison of Judgment-Based vs. Points-Based Systems for Performance Ranking and Allocation of Merit Pay, Kathy Johnson (2012)
  • Understanding the Conflicting Roles of HR Professionals, Kelsey Tulloch (2012)
  • Discrimination in Screening Job Applicants, Jennifer Bayne (2011)


Image from the classroom